June 7, 2012

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true's last day of schooltrue's last day of schooltrue's last day of school
That’s it. Enrichment classes are done for the year and next year I will be sending two little girls off to school one day a week. The last day went out with a bang as there was a big water party filled with water games. I hung out at the school and helped out and observed my little shy girl in action.

The day before, as I was pondering what we could gift to her four teachers, I asked True, “True, what do your teachers like?” She replied, “Well, my math teacher likes math. My Spanish teacher likes Spanish. My art teacher likes art and my theatre teacher likes games.” I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. She’s cute.

Had my kitchen been operable, I would have baked them something, but instead when I needed a de-stresser from this game, I went to the grocery store to get her teachers strawberries. I think it was a simple and sweet gift and True took care of the note all by herself.

The Bratcher house is almost ready for summertime (technically one day of homeschool left) and we have lots of summertime activities ahead. Now, if we could just finish up all this house construction.on true: bathing suit, target. dress, little bean shop. flip flops, target.

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