out to school: 2/15

June 18, 2013

last day of schoollast day of schoollast day of schoollast day of schoolYeah, I know. School’s over, so this school post is so last week. I was going to write my burger recipe for you tonight, but then the Spurs lost (#onemoregame) and I can’t think much. Let alone try to remember a recipe I made over a week ago (it’s so hard when your heart is so attached to a team), so writing about my girls is much easier for me.

School’s done. Yippee! They both had a great year at Enrichment Classes and next school year, they will have all their classes together. They’re definitely both really excited about that. I promised a homeschool post and it’s coming. I just volunteered for more than I should (I need to learn to say no), so once school was done, I’ve just been working on those lingering things.  A proper homeschool post takes time to write because no parent homeschools just for the heck of it! At least I hope not. Our children’s education is important stuff and the reasons why we chose a certain path and what we do to work towards that goal takes more thinking and writing than the average blog post. That post is coming folks, don’t worry. Just cut me a little slack this week please. Thanks!

on true: top and bottom, misha lulu c/o ava mae and ruby lu vintage. shoes, salt-water sandals.  on brave: dress, vintage. shorts, misha lulu. shoes, gap kids. heart clip, ban.do.

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