off to the fair we go

August 8, 2013

oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013oc fair 2013 Like I mentioned here, the photo booth is the main reason we go to the fair. Ben says that whenever I’m ready to skip out on the fair, he would be okay with it, but I just can’t do it yet. I like to keep our tradition going, even if it’s only for the photo booth. We’ve tried a little bit of fair food every year and it just isn’t that good to us. It probably is due to the fact that everything there is pretty much deep fried this and deep fried that, so I’ve given up my grand ideas of eating fair food. It looks better than it tastes, at least to us. The girls have fun riding rides, but with the three of them, it can get costly, so this year they only rode 2 rides, and Brave got one extra one because it was her birthday weekend (and we had tickets to finish up).

I love the view in that first picture so much that I captured it with my SLR and my iphone (see here). I’m so nerdy! And Glow was so upset that she couldn’t ride rides like her big sisters, but that picture of her looking through the bars is just adorable! That baby of mine is a heart melter for sure. She was all about the fair! It was definitely stimulation overload for her.

My favorite time to go to the fair is at night, but we will gladly go in the morning if it means we pay $3 versus $11 (on the weekends between 10-11am). So we went, we took photo booth pictures, watched one show, rode a couple rides and called it a day! Those few hours there were enough for my girls as evidenced by the frustrated face Glow had in the last picture (she was tired!). Nevertheless, I love how my girls always seem to have the grandest time even if we aren’t there very long and don’t do very much! I’m thankful that they’re easy going kiddos. OC Fair, Lord willing we see you again next year! 

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