it’s tradition

August 7, 2013

fairyears'13 We pretty much only go to the fair for the photo booth, and after we take our photo booth pictures, we ask the person manning it if they would take our family picture too. It’s tradition! The first time we ever went was the day before Brave was born, and this year, we went the day before her birthday. I love seeing how our family has grown (and the girls all used to be so itty bitty)!

And comparing to the year comparison I did last year, a few things stand out to me between these past two visits…

Soul is wearing the same dress True did last year.

This year we broke the cycle of being pregnant every other year!

True still never smiles when a stranger is behind the camera.

Ben has carried Soul in the same spot for the past three years!

I happen to be wearing a Shop Miguez necklace this year and last year.

Full post about our time at the OC Fair tomorrow. Anything else stand out to you in these comparison photos?

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