August 3, 2013

waterplayIt’s been a busy week of meeting with friends, a meeting at the Marimekko store, and lots of prepping for Brave’s birthday tomorrow. She has very specific requests and we’re planning on making it happen.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

True is becoming a really good helper in our home.

Glow is getting better at using utensils (and knocking down everyone’s water cups).

Excited and thankful for our new Tuesday dinners with friends!

If you’re a 9.5 shoe wearer, look at these cute sandals!

This vintage woven bag is totally perfect for summer!

I’m learning to let some things go. I wanted to bake Brave a cake, but for my sanity, I’m just going to buy one.

I’ve been trying to pray for more joy as I serve the girls. I find that I get frustrated because they’re so needy (duh, they’re kids!) and I’m constantly feeling so stressed and impatient. It’s not their fault, it’s totally my heart and actions that need changing.

Thankful for clean bathrooms! I totally tackled my bathrooms this week and they are spic and span. It was getting pretty bad up in their.

We’re going to the OC fair today to kick off Brave’s birthday weekend. It will be such a fun and relaxing weekend (hopefully!), so we’re pretty excited that it’s finally here! What do your weekend plans consist of?

3 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Katie says:

    happy early birthday to miss brave! your daughters are just darling. I hope you have a good rest of the weekend.

  • Merci says:

    Out here in Oxnard, we are hoping to make it out to the Ventura County Fair Sunday morning and then church in the evening! 🙂 – Happy Birthday Brave!

  • Janet says:

    Give yourself a break! You’re a human being, and human beings are allowed to get frustrated and angry and annoyed – just means you’re not a robot or a 1950s tv housewife 🙂

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