rewind to summer vacation: part 2

September 5, 2013

hikinghikinghikinghikinghikinghikingWe did 3 family day hikes together, and one was about 5 miles long (roundtrip)! For that one we took the Williams Lake Trail, put Glow in the backpack and the three big girls walked it the whole time. They did such an amazing job and didn’t complain one bit! There were inclines, switchbacks, rocky and slippery parts and the girls did all of it. Ben and I were feeling so proud.

It was a gorgeous trail and there were a few change of sceneries, so it kept it interesting. We did take breaks to have some snacks (and catch our breath), but everyone was loving it. I don’t have many pictures because the forecast was predicting rain (we were brave to venture out despite the coming rain), so I didn’t bring my SLR. I did have my phone and snapped a couple photos as well as my polaroid, so both of those were enough to document our first official family hike.

We got to Williams Lake and the girls did their thing of throwing rocks. We knew there was a waterfall about a mile more, and though we were all spent, we thought, “What they hey! Might as well…” So off to the waterfall we went. We were all paired off most of the way. Ben had Glow, I was with True, Brave and Soul would alternate between Grandmama and their Auntia Suzi. On the way back though, Brave was lone ranger and insisted on leading the pack. I think she was so proud of how they managed this long hike (we came praising them for their job well done!) that she wanted to show us that she could lead. Her little legs kept her at least 40-50 feet ahead of us (she was always in sight). From start to finish the whole hike took us about 5 hours.

The weather was perfect and to be surrounded by so much beauty was just so other worldly. Makes me want to sell our house in the suburbs and live in the mountains, which we would gladly do if the opportunity ever presented itself. Just thinking about this special hike with my girls, Ben’s mom and sister brings back so many good memories and gives me a heart of gratitude. It was such a joy to accomplish something like this as a family. This was the start of all us getting bitten by the hiking bug.

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