DIY: the bat mobile

October 8, 2013

the bat mobileIf you’ve got a Batman lover… you must make them a bat mobile. Ha! This can go in a Batman themed room or up for Halloween, either way will definitely work! I was inspired by this pin, but I think my bats don’t look quite as scary.

the bat mobile the bat mobilethe bat mobilethe bat mobileSupplies:
Bat template (click to download and print)
Black card stock
Hole puncher
Sewing machine

1. Using the bat template, trace 9 bats on the card stock and proceed to cut them out.
2. Arrange the bats (see picture above for bat arrangment).
3. Sew along the right wing of the top bat with a straight stitch, allow about 3″-4″ of stitching (with no bat attached), and then proceed to straight stitch the 4 bats on the right side. You will want to try and sew down the middle of the 4 bats to keep the mobile balanced. Repeat for the remaining side. Snip any excess thread.
4. Punch a small hole about 1/4″ in from the top bat head (center the hole on the bat head). String a piece of thread through (I used invisible thread), knot, and hang!

the bat mobileI’ve got another quick bat project for you tomorrow using the same template. We have our bat mobile hanging over our record player and we’re feeling ready for Halloween. I still have costumes to sew, so I better get started soon! It would also be cute to make a cat or ghost mobile and you could use this template to do so.

Do you get festive for Halloween? If so, what kinds of decor do you have up?

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