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October 8, 2013

rock collection :taos2013rock collection :taos2013rock collection :taos2013rock collection :taos2013rock collection :taos2013These rocks are my souvenirs from our summer vacation in New Mexico. I fell in love with so many rocks that I kind of took them home with me (Ben had to restrain me from taking more). The girls had their own collection going on while we were there, but really, they collect rocks everywhere we go. Some of these rocks are pretty massive and I spotted them on our way up the mountain (see here), but there was no way I was going to take them up, so on our way down is when I did my gathering. Ben also found a rock in the shape of a heart to commemorate the hike we did to celebrate our 8 year anniversary.

We aren’t much of souvenirs buyers, though we did let the girls each pick a little something, but these rocks are my souvenirs and I love them so much! Seeing them brings me a wave of memories from our time this summer. Some of them are displayed in our home, and some are just sitting in a basket waiting for a special spot. I think some of these pictures blown up might even make for a nice poster. There’s just so much beauty in something as simple as a rock!

Are you or your kids rock collectors too?

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