he asked for a wish list

October 23, 2013

bdayMy birthday is coming up in a week and a half and Ben has been asking for a wish list of sorts, but I’ve been kind of stuck. I’d really like a clean house (though I’m really the only one who could do this) and to finish up some plans we have for our kitchen (get some subway tile put in). Then necklace and boots are just extra “fun” things to wish for  (I did send him a couple other “fun” wants in an email too). At this stage though, it feels somewhat irresponsible to wish for these kinds of things and it seems money is better spent on things for the house. What kind of birthday wish list person are you… something practical or something fun?

1) cute black cropped boots. 2) necklaces by alyson fox. 3) subway tile in the kitchen, photo by 1st option.

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