family day at disney

October 24, 2013

disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013disney day oct. 2013One of the perks of having a sister who works at Disneyland is that she can take us in sometimes. We definitely appreciate it as it costs jars of pennies to go in these days. It’s crazy how costly it is now compared to 12 years ago when I was able to have yearly passes as a college student. Therefore, we welcome anytime my sister is able to take us in and show us around.

It was a busy afternoon at Disneyland, so we only rode one ride and focused on watching the shows. When we have gone in the past, we just rode rides and forgot about the shows, so it was nice this time to focus on the shows. I was especially excited to watch Fantasmic, which I hadn’t seen in over 10 years.

Considering it was way past their bedtime, the girls mostly did well. Soul did have one melt down during the day where she cried as she walked, but as soon as she had dinner in her belly, she was fine! I never knew my little girl got the case of the hangries (hungry that it makes you angry) too.

I love Disneyland! I was such a big Disney fan as a kid. I even had Lion King decals up in my room until my second year of high school and I even had a Mickey Mouse phone. It was all because I used to dream of being a Disney animator, but obviously, that never happened. I’m glad that my girls get to experience a little bit of that Disney magic now. Disneyland is still very much a very captivating place. Are you a fan of Disneyland?

P.S. True is so cute because she wanted to match me! And sorry if you’re seeing this post twice. I started writing it the other day and never finished and then published on accident.

on true: dress and pants, c/o panache box. shoes, new balances. jacket, thrifted. on brave: shirt and pants, c/o panache box. shoes, c/o old navy. jacket, thrifted. on soul: dress, vintage. leggings, target. shoes, converse. on glow: sweater dress, c/o old navy (worn here). leggings, target. shoes, freshly picked.

7 comments on “family day at disney”

  • That looks like so much fun! Love the matching outfits too 🙂

  • Manda says:

    Those pictures are wonderful! The girls are growing up so fast! And I am a Disney girl myself – I would love to go back!

  • lidia says:

    cuteness overload. but I seriously can’t handle that picture of both you and True, it is precious!
    I love how both of you are matching!!

  • Erika says:

    I remember you said True never smiles when someone other than you is behind the camera… In that second picture of all of you, is she smiling for someone else?!

  • F. K. says:

    Disney! So jealous, I’ve always wanted to go but never have. D:

  • Lita says:

    My 4 y.o daughter is a HUGE Disney fan. We live in Jacksonville, FL so we’re only 2 hours away from Disney World. We’re annual pass holders and we go visit Disney World at least 2x a month on weekends. It’s such a happy place. My daughter LOVES it! That is all she wants to go whenever I ask her where she wants to spend the weekend at. This month is her birthday and I am getting her the princess makeover. She doesn’t know it yet. It’ll be a surprise for her 🙂
    I also used to work at Disney World when I was in college 🙂 such fun place to work 🙂
    Lots of great memories while I worked there 🙂

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