i am the leader and this is my crew

October 27, 2013

the ladiesthe ladiesthe ladiesthe ladiesSo much of the behavior I see my girls exhibit are things that Ben and I both do, good and bad. It’s so scary how much they mimic us. It really is an excellent reminder of how we need to purposefully lead and teach them. We’re doing the best we know how, just as our parents did with us, but I know everyday there is definitely room for improvement. I’ve said this before, but I definitely am such a crazy mama. There’s always so much to do and time moves fast that I feel like I’m always stressed.

Everyday I’m learning how to trust God, be present in the moments, and give more smiles and hugs. Honestly though, some days smiles and hugs are in short supply and I always feel really badly later thinking I didn’t seize the moment with them. I let the stupid things that stress me out get me and make me cranky. I totally know it’s dumb. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us, so I really want to remember to be intentional daily.

Here’s to working on smiling through those refining moments and to have a generous amount of hugs and kisses every single day! I need to lead by example after all, so I better make sure to give them something good to follow.

P.S. The three big girls are wearing classic dresses from City Kid Style. I love the ease and playfulness of the dresses!

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