pass the chocolate cake please!

January 14, 2014

chocolate cakeDSC_4070DSC_4068DSC_4041I love chocolate. I have an unhealthy love for chocolate. Actually, for anything sweet really. It’s a dangerous thing for me to have at home. I get weak and I can’t resist. So when it’s birthday or holiday time around here, I get nervous because I know there will be an influx of sweets galore. Moderation, what’s that?!

This cake was made for Soul’s fancy fourth birthday, and since it was “fancy,” I felt a good chocolate cake was needed. I pinned it here, followed it to the recipe and made it. It’s basic and easy and I definitely give it a two thumbs up. My change is that I separated the batter into two smaller ones so that we’d have a double decker chocolate cake. The best way to eat this is to warm some up with the gooey ganache goodness, and maybe if you’re feeling wild, pile a scoop of ice cream on top. It’s dangerous, but it’s okay to live dangerously once in awhile, right?!

What’s your go-to chocolate cake recipe?

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