flowers are just so pretty

February 26, 2014

floral beautyfloral beautyfloral beautyfloral beautyFlowers have started blooming in our backyard again. I totally neglected my garden this past year, but I’m ready to get back into it this spring. We’ve already started working on the vegetable and fruit tree section of it, but my floral bushes are just kind of crazy right now. There are some that need to be majorly pruned and some that need to come out altogether. Thankfully, I like the overgrown messy looking garden, but our yard definitely needs a bit more guidance to get a more neat, overgrown look.

Due to my lack of attention, my camellia bush is still there, but hasn’t grown much this past year. I did manage to cut some pretty blooms off though and bring it inside to be enjoyed (if you follow me on instagram, then you’ve probably seen all my flower pictures of late). I also have this almost 10 foot high rose bush (maybe it’s a tree now?), that still yields beautiful roses, but it needs to be trimmed back because it’s get way too big. I’m a girly flower type of person. The ruffles and layers of roses and camellias make them my absolute favorites, but I do also love the simple vibrance of California Poppies.

Did you know my first job ever was working at a local flower shop? I dreamed of opening one of my own one day and I even took classes on floral arranging and used to do florals for weddings on the side. My mom and I were once very close to leasing a place for our own flower shop, but chickened out. Somewhere along the way that dream faded, but flowers are still one of my favorite things to work with. What are some of your faded dream jobs?

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  • Alisa says:

    I still entertain some of my faded dream jobs. A midwife, a dog trainer, a wedding planner, a zoologist, a hair stylist. But for now I’m living my non-faded dream of living and working in Africa 🙂 Life is long, maybe your faded dreams will come back into focus.

    • rubyellen says:

      Very true! You never know. I always tell my husband that when the girls are off to college, I want to go back to college and study something completely different. I told him one day I’ll be a doctor… ha! You really never know though!

  • Emily Baker says:

    i love flower arranging!!!! it’s so fun 🙂

  • nikki says:

    gorgeous! i love that vase!


  • Denise says:

    Interestingly, being a nurse was a dream I had for career or physical education teacher for a while when I was in my teen years. When I was older I was, still am, interested in interior design and decoration. I did do a course in it actually but needed to get back to regular employment, so went back to pathology collector, which I do now. Full time, although I’ve stepped up a little into a trainer role for new staff. I like this, but now my dream is to be an artist. I’ll continue with my job though because it’s a ministry opportunity. Your flowers are very pretty, love those ‘natural’ garden style

    • rubyellen says:

      I think I wanted to do something more artistic originally too, but never really had the confidence to pursue it and it didn’t seem as easy to have a creative job then, as it is now. Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the skills I learned pursuing Child & Adolescent Development and my teaching credential because I really think it helped give me more grounding for motherhood and being able to homeschool my children.

  • I’ve taken up floral arranging just to be around them more. We planted 2 rose bushes, 2 peony bushes, and some wildflowers. I can’t wait for them to come back. I love your simple photos.

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