February 8, 2014

family lifeThis is the big girls’ room and it always looks like this. It stays clean for oh… about 10 seconds, and then their room looks like a tornado (of 4 girls) blew through. While the majority of the house stays reasonably tidy, this room cannot. It’s kid life for sure!

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

“I Feel Like a Mean Mom” post (via Girl Talk) really resonated the struggles of my heart.

Again amazed by Katie’s bus transformation. This latest post of raising a bus roof is just so interesting!

Thankful that one of my first blogging friends, Nathalie, is back to blogging! She makes such amazing quilts! Follow her instagram (here) to see more of her work.

I love this whipped body butter from SQ Apothecary. I’ve got the driest hands on the planet (seriously), and this makes them feel so much better!

We are still obsessed with Frozen over here and I love how the girls get into singing all the songs. I secretly recorded them the other day.

Thankful for being able to check things off my to-do lists!

Don’t forget to check out the things I’m swapping over at Swapdom.

This would be so sweet to make for Valentine’s Day!

Thanks friends for taking the time to visit here this week, I sincerely appreciate it. You guys are just so great!

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