DIY: birch pillar candlestick holder

March 4, 2014

birch candlestickBirch Pillar Candlestick Holder

3″ birch pillar (bought from Michael’s Craft Store)
3/4″ drill bit (or whatever is the circumference of the candle you choose to use)
3 candle sticksbirch candlestickDirections:
1. Choose the placement of your 3 candles. Mark its location by drawing around the base of the candle.
2. Drill your 3 marked holes about 3/4″ deep. Again, I just mark everything off and hand it to the husband to do, but if you’re power tool savvy, go for it!
3. Insert your candlesticks into the holes and set up your candlelight somewhere so you can enjoy a beautiful evening.

birch candlestickbirch candlestickbirch candlestickbirch candlestickThis is just another way to use the birch pillar. On the bottom of this one, are the 3 small holes for the photo display project. I love that 2 different and relatively easy projects can come from this one item. I like the easy switcharoo and I like having options.

birch candlestickbirch candlestickI much prefer using the birch pillar as a candlestick holder, as I was needing something romantic like this for our bedside table. It fit the bill perfectly.  Plus, I also like keeping candles near my  bedside. I like it when my bedroom feels a little bit romantic even though there is usually a mess in some corner, at least one corner is looking nice and pretty.

birch candlestickbirch candlestickSo which would you get more use out of, using the birch pillar to display photos or as a candle holder? Or just do both projects, since they are both so simple, and switch them out whenever you would like!

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