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March 15, 2014

lemonhead presslemonhead pressMeet Lemonhead Press. Katie, the lady behind the shop, was listening to the radio and the band Lemon Jelly, and the name kind of stuck. Thus, when it was time to name her shop, Lemonhead popped in her head and there you go! For Katie, she wanted to be a stay home mom, but at the same time wanted to find a way to contribute to her family doing something she loves, and out was born Lemonhead Press. Her shop is full of cute and quirky cards and prints, pretty paper straws, and gorgeously simple dream catchers. I remember when I used to have my online shop and I so appreciated the support everyone gave me, and I’m glad to share about another fellow mama following her dream.

Her online shop allows her to contribute to the finances of the family, but also allows her work to easily move with her as her and her family to travel the U.S. in their converted bus! Katie and her husband bought an old school bus and are converting that into a home. They aren’t sure where they want to settle, so they will have their traveling home for now, until they find just the right place. Read about their decision here. I have been following along on her blog and the transformation and work that goes into making a bus a home is so amazing. They have removed the seats and are now working on raising the roof (I didn’t know you could do that!) to give them more space. I am totally intrigued by their whole process. Here is a video below of the raising the roof process…

I can’t wait to continue following along on their journey. This is some of their bus inspiration, so I can’t wait to see how they transform this bus. Doesn’t this sound totally interesting to you too?! We are thankful for Ben’s stable job and a home, but sometimes we wish we could just up and leave and be more adventurous (or have the freedom to move to another state), but we’ve got a house we are tied to (and thankful for), so that’s not realistic for us right now, but you never know, right?! It’s fun to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures and that’s the reason why I love following Katie’s adventure.

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