family meals: week 74

May 18, 2014

family mealsfamily mealsLangostino Sopes. This is one of my most favorite things to eat. Ben makes it, and made it for Mother’s Day, and I was happy to have plenty of leftovers for dinner Monday night.

family mealsfamily mealsSpaghetti and Herb Filled Turkey Meatballs. I’ve gotta say that these meatballs were bomb dot com. I usually don’t like meatballs, but these were so yummy. I put in a whole package of panko bread crumbs, a lot of herbs from the garden (basil, sage, marjoram), onions, garlic, and salt and pepper. Everyone who came to Dinner Club on Thursday loved them! There were none leftover.

Week of 5/19 – 5/23
Monday: Bossam
Tuesday: It’s book release day, so I’m not cooking and we’re going to pick up sushi from my fave sushi place!
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Black Bean Rice Bowls
Friday: Tilapia Ceviche

Family meals on the blog keep me accountable. I started it because I wanted to get better at cooking for my family and meal planning really helped me be more efficient. Seventy-four weeks later and I’ve tried a lot of different recipes and feel so much more comfortable and confident in the kitchen. I can work with what we have in the refrigerator and pantry, and my girls have tried so many different things. It has just been a win all around.

5 comments on “family meals: week 74”

  • Jams says:

    It’s been fun to watch you grow! I feel pretty comfortable in the kitchen, but I get in ruts with what to make, especially now that my 4 year old is great at telling me what she doesn’t want to eat but not what she wants to eat. I need to get motivated to plan ahead like this!

  • Heather says:

    Can you post info on the mother’s day dinner. I’ve never heard but it looks so yum!!!! Can’t wait for your book to come!

  • Brini says:

    Do you have the recipe for the turkey meatballs? They look so yummy and I think my kids would love them!

  • tara says:

    Please share the langostino sopes! They look DELICIOUS!

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