garden days

May 19, 2014

garden daysgarden daysgarden daysgarden daysgarden daysThe garden is coming together, finally. Last year was full of trial and error (making lots of mistakes), and though they were expensive mistakes, we are so happy where it is all now and all the changes we made are for the better. We did a lot of switch-a-roo placement of things and while we still aren’t done, it’s one step closer the goal. Our Saturdays are spent in the garden and all the girls happily love lending a helping hand (see proof here).

I have more garden posts coming soon, and before the summer’s over, I’ll give you a tour of our backyard. The whole yard won’t be quite completed (about a quarter of it won’t be done until maybe Fall), but we are feeling good about the direction it’s all going.

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P.S. My book will be released tomorrow (AHHH!!!), so I’ve got something special to share and a fun giveaway to go along with it! I can’t believe May 20th is really almost here!!!

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