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April 30, 2015

spider-man t-shirt dressspider-man t-shirt dressspider-man t-shirt dressspider-man t-shirt dressspider-man t-shirt dressspider-man t-shirt dressspider-man t-shirt dressBrave’s still adores all things Spider-Man. When she started, we thought it might be a phase that would end, but it’s still going strong. Typically, she insists on wearing blue or red (with her faux black rimmed glasses like Peter Parker) to represent Spider-Man, but she’s been getting into Nancy Drew the past year, so she also tries to dress like a detective. What you get with Brave is a Spider-Man meets Nancy Drew kind of vibe.

We thrifted these t-shirts and thought it would go well together for a Spider-Man dress. I cut off the sleeves from the Spidey shirt for the dress top, and then cut off the bottom of the larger shirt to make the skirt. Next, I gathered the skirt, and then sewed them both together. It was my first try at this style, and I’m not completely satisfied. I think mostly cause I wish we found a larger Spider-Man shirt for the top to make a looser style of dress. I wanna try again soon, and once I get it exactly right, I’ll share the tutorial here. You can get a rough idea from what I did in the pictures above. I’m not super wild about this one, but Brave is, so I guess that’s all that matters!

She was so excited when I made this dress, and what she doesn’t know is the reason I made the dress. It’s all in preparation to go watch Marvel Universe Live, so the girls are going to get a big surprise this weekend! We will have to round up all our Spider-Man gear and get all the girls decked out, but I can’t wait to see their faces once we enter the arena. They will flip out from excitement, especially my Brave.

MUL_20140710_0860-Editmarvel universe liveMarvel Universe Live will be going on at The Forum, which I haven’t been to in ages, from Friday, May 1, until Sunday, May 3. A special discount ticket offer is now available for all city of Los Angeles/Inglewood residents for Marvel Universe Live! If you’re local, you can receive 30% off tickets by using promo code: CITY in the offer code prompt on Ticketmaster. Click here for tickets. Offer valid through May 3, or while supplies last. This is a touring show, so if you aren’t local, it might be coming to a city near you. Just check out Marvel Universe Live for more info.

Eek!!! Ben and I can’t wait to surprise them!!! Now, I just have to make sure Brave doesn’t read this post before then (they like to read my blog).

This post is in partnership with Feld Entertainment as a Feld Family Ambassador; complimentary tickets for the show were provided. I’m always so thankful opportunities such as this, and also for the time you take to support me and this space.


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