May 10, 2014

happy windowThis happy little window is right above Glow’s bed. True came into Glow’s room and said, “How come our room isn’t nice like this?” I said, “Because you guys are always making messes.” LOL. Glow’s room (it’s Soul’s room too, but she doesn’t sleep in it yet) stays pretty clean because she just sleeps in there, and all the playing goes on in True and Brave’s room.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

This video that’s been so circulating Facebook is very convicting.

Thankful for our Thursday night dinner club. We had two weeks off, but now we’re back to it.

I’m so excited 24 is back, but Ben and I won’t watch it until the season is over, so we can do one, big, binge bash. It’s my ultimate favorite show.

Ms. Tips is having a good 25% off sale this weekend! Love this boho bucket bag.

We ordered these large buckets for the garden and I can’t wait to plant our peppers in them.

Brave is going to be a break dance girl. She’s got this move down.

I love this cute super hero set by Hop + Scotch. My friend Ana is behind the lovely things!

The weekend is here, we’re working in the yard as a family (finally getting things in the ground), and I’m going to need to sneak in time to work on some of my own projects. Huzzah!


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