May 9, 2014

animalsanimalsanimalsanimalsanimalsanimalsanimalsanimalsI love having season passes to the Safari Park (and San Diego Zoo) because we don’t feel the rush to see everything in one day and we just go at our own leisurely pace. We wanted to see the butterfly exhibit, and it was on it’s last day, but the line was 2 hours to get in (insane!), so we all agreed we didn’t want to wait two hours and just headed to Freebirds for dinner. The L.A. Natural History Museum currently has a similar butterfly exhibit going on, with a much shorter wait time based on past experiences, so we will plan to take the girls to that instead.

I’m thankful it’s Friday and while I wanted to share Mother’s Day projects here, I just never got around to it. We were able to shower my mom with something last weekend and we mailed off a little something to Ben’s mom during the week, so we got the moms in our lives covered. All my Mother’s Day request have to do with food and I can’t wait to fill my stomach with waffles, sopes, and pie. Calories don’t count on special days, right?!

Tomorrow we will be working in the garden. We finally have all our Cor-ten steel garden beds in, they are all filled with dirt, and now it’s time to get planting. I will have to show you the latest transformation, and it feels like we are always changing something back there, but I think we’re getting closet to where we want the garden to be. Well, hopefully.

My brain has been all over the place this week, so you get me talking about the zoo, then Mother’s Day, then the garden. Anyone else have a scatterbrained week?

P.S. Giraffe and Lion are wearing goodies from Misha Lulu’s spring/summer line. Snow Leopard’s dress is handmade, see here.


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