October 4, 2014

prettyThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Oh man. Thankful things got done. This week was crazy!

I want to make a sign like this.

My mom is cute. She made an Instagram account to post this birthday video for my sister she did with her co-workers.

Excited for Jenny from Mikasa Su Casa and her hunt for a studio space.

Part of my busy week was helping my friend propose to my other friend. Read the proposal story here.

I’ve been getting tons of spam comments lately. I need to figure out how to prevent it.

How cute is this unicorn headband?! I’m sure the girls would have fun making their own.

The book, Little Fixes, by blogger Disney Powless looks like a very helpful manual in extending the life of children’s clothes.

I want to get this block set for our coffee table. Our girls loves playing with blocks and I think this one would be interesting.

The temperatures went back up to the 100’s this week, so while there a bunch of fall festivals and pumpkin patches popping up, it still doesn’t feel like fall. Oh well.



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