wrap and ben

January 18, 2010

The postpartum body has left me a bit frustrated with what to wear, plus the fact the food needs to be easy accessible for baby. Thus, I think making a wrap dress was definitely needed. I actually made a pattern as I made this dress, so I am sure you will be seeing more wrap dresses to come. I already have two different fabrics waiting to be turned into a wrap dress of sorts. This is my first try, though Ben wasn’t so keen on the fabric, but he did like the cut.
wrap dress
Another reason I needed a dress, was that Ben and I had a date on Friday (after we picked something up in L.A., visited with friends, and went to the doctor because I have mastitis yet again). Therefore, I wanted to look and feel pretty for him. He is just the absolute handsomest fellow around!
me and my man
The dress was good. The date was good, but Ben’s kisses are even better.
Happy Monday everyone! This week’s forecast in southern California is rain. I love rain.
p.s. my baby seester is so cute… you should read her blog.

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