a little mama

January 14, 2010

Ever since Soul joined our family, True and Brave have really taken to playing together a lot. It seems like their pretend play has grown since Soul came. Could it be that their Mommy is breast feeding, thus during this time they are left to wander and play to their heart’s content? I think so.

After Soul’s feeding, I have to go looking for what little corner the two big girls decided to claim as their own. Today, I found my little Brave in her room all by her lonesome.

this is how i found her

Oh but do not despair, as she was quite a happy bee as she was rocking the newest pair of mama-made dolls. She was acting like such a little Mama. Sometimes, she even has me call her Mama… oh the imagination of little ones!

rocking the babies
Yesterday, her and True had one request. They wanted a new doll, not that don’t already have plenty, but as a doll-lover myself (I had tons of Barbies growing up) how could I refuse such a sweet request? Doll making for my girls is what I did and two new little dolls is what they get! Perfect for more pretend playing during those moments Mama is occupied with little Soul.

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