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October 8, 2015

It’s fun to see my girls develop their own style. True is girly, but relaxed. Brave likes sporty vibes with Spider-Man and Nancy Drew influences. Soul is princess and super girly… she likes things above the knee, not really into jeans, and she loves all things pink. Something frilly is her ideal outfit. Glow does not like sleeveless anything. She refuses to show her armpits, not sure where that came from, but it’s kind of funny. We’ve had many tantrums thrown because I might have picked out a tank top or sleeveless dress and she wasn’t happy about it.

They know their own style and dress accordingly, and despite their different styles, they also like to try to coordinate somehow. They also split themselves into pairs to coordinate. Their Halloween costumes are planned like that. I wonder how this will keep evolving as they get older. I can just imagine the clothing fights they will have. They are so close in age that it’s bound to happen. Thankfully, they like to share their clothes with each other now, and maybe they will love lending each other clothes later too.

I picked out a couple outfits from Melijoe that I know would match my girls personalities. 1) This is totally True, but Brave would borrow it. This denim Stella McCartney dress is way cool and I would wear it if it came in my size. Of course, paired with Stan Smiths, she’d look like she was kid fashion week ready. 2) These red Adidas are right up Brave’s alley. Then, paired with this stripe dress  would be such a funky little outfit. 3) Pink? Check. Ruffles? Check. Princessy? Check. Soul would love to be twirling and dancing with this dress and ballerina shoes. 4) Fun and playful this outfit is perfect for Glow. The dress is so simple and has a vintage feel, and for her age, Velcro sneakers are a must. We’ve always been a fan of Supergas too.

Growing up, I was probably more like Soul. I loved wearing flowers and pink, and hated pants. I don’t dress as girly now and I have an appreciation for a good pair of jeans, but I typically gravitate to dresses and skirts.

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