flower crowns and pins

July 28, 2014

DSC_5401DSC_5267 copyDSC_5273 copyDSC_5279 copyDSC_5417 copyI’ve been helping the BFF prep for her niece’s first birthday party. In the Korean culture, it’s called a dol and it’s a really big deal; it’s like a sweet sixteen, quinceañera (for latin cultures the big birthday celebration happens at 15), or a Philippines debut (Filipino culture have a debut on their 18th birthday).

We made flower crowns for each little girl in attendance and flower pins for the little boys. I used the DIY crepe paper floral crown that I shared a long time ago, and I got to play florist again and made the flower arrangements for the party. It was so busy I barely snapped any pictures of the party, or the sweet celebrant and the felt flower crown I made for her. Though you can see a sneak of the party here and the happy celebrant with one of her aunties (and she’s wearing the floral crown I made). It was fun helping out since it wasn’t my party and the stress of planning wasn’t on me. Plus, Linda and I had fun chit-chatting as we were crafting away, and when the two of us are together we just blab and blab and blab… our husbands have to cover their ears when they’re around the two of us together because our volume skyrockets when we’re together.


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