July 19, 2014

dcBetween Singapore, DC, and Williamsburg, we’ve had quite the summer of traveling. We have a couple weeks to settle, and we’re off again for another mini trip for Brave’s birthday request of a hotel birthday.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I can pack for a family of six in one carry-on suitcase. High-five! This made going from shuttle, to taxi, to hotel, to train, to plane, and back again much easier.

Virginia summers make me sweat in places I never knew I could. HA! It was grand though.

I want the chandelier in this room.

I want this funfetti cake asap!

Thankful for my girls who did a really good job walking everywhere all week long. We just brought one small umbrella stroller, and these girls are such troopers.

The Mitsitam Cafe in in the National Museum of the American Indian is bomb dot com. Thank you to a couple of you for suggesting it! If you’re in the area, go there to eat. We wish we had time to eat there a second time and try other dishes.

My feet hurt from all the walking and they will happily live in sneakers and birks to recover for the next few weeks.

Thankful for this space and the random opportunities that come from blogging, and really I’m thankful for all of you who keep peeking in here from time to time.

Love this vintage dress.

Such gorgeous things shared by Bloesem.

We had so much fun on this trip with the girls, but it feels good to be home! I’m behind in commenting back on blog posts, but I will get caught up next week. Enjoy your weekend friends!


13 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Elaine says:

    Would love to see a post with you packing tips. One carry on! Wow!

  • charissa says:

    Ditto on the packing tips! I can pack for 4 in a carry on but it sounds like I could learn some tips from you. Also, would love to hear how you motivated the bigger girls to do so much walking. It’s still something we have to work on with my son and even walks around the block can be painfully slow/whiny!

    • Rubyellen says:

      They were troopers with all the walking! We walked down the whole national mall, but once we got to the end (after a full day), we took a taxi to take us to a restaurant near our hotel for dinner.

  • erika says:

    Yes! A whole entry on packing tips pleeeeeease!

  • Jessica G. says:

    Please tell me your packing ways!!! We are headed on a European trip with our littles in 2 months and I want to take as few bags as possible.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I will! We packed for 5 days and pretty much just brought exactly what we needed.

  • Whitney says:

    Ha! I laughed at the Virginia weather comment. Our humid summers don’t mess around.

  • nikki says:

    so glad you loved dc! 🙂


  • Rita says:

    Totally in on the packing Tipps !

    Visit me on – MUNTU

  • Bethany says:

    Wow, you have been doing a lot of traveling! It’s been pretty hot around here too (we’re not that far from D.C.). I don’t know how you managed to get everything into one carryon but I think you need to write a book about that!: Family Traveling

    • Rubyellen says:

      I know! It’s been an insane summer, we have one last trip coming up too! Thankfully, it’s just a 4 day weekend one.

  • Gina says:

    I can’t even pack for ONE in a carry on! I’m super impressed!



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