loving: unplugged play

July 18, 2014

unplugged playunplugged playMy mother-in-law (hi mama!) bought the girls the book Unplugged Play last summer when we were on our family vacation in New Mexico. We all love this book (as you can tell by the worn edges)! It has so many good activities for families to do and things that children can do on their own. My girls are often going through this book and finding project ideas, games to play, and prompts for pretend play. With summer in full swing, the girls have been using this book to guide their play. I think it’s a good resource book for parents to have and give to their kids, so I’m sharing it with you! I love the idea of unplugged play so much. I’m sure us adults can definitely use a book like this, unplugging is good for the soul and families.


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