diy: chalk finish recycled bottle

September 15, 2014

chalk finish recycled bottleChalk Finish Recycled Bottle

Glass/plastic bottle (I used our Simply Grapfruit bottle)
Chalk paint
Dried flowers, optional (for decorating)

chalk finish recycled bottlechalk finish recycled bottleDirections:
Make sure to clean your container completely and remove any stickers. Add a coat of paint and allow to dry completely before adding a second coat of paint. On my container, I did 3 coats of paint, and made sure to allow each coat ample time to dry before adding another. When done, decorate with pretty fresh (or dried) flowers!

chalk finish recycled bottlechalk finish recycled bottlechalk finish recycled bottlechalk finish recycled bottleA few years ago, I saw some painted recycled plastic bottles sold as vases in some online shop. It appeared to be painted with this chalky looking paint, and I always wondered what paint was used to make them. I saw these paints at Michael’s a few weeks ago and thought it might be it. Now, I never bought those vases I saw, so I can’t say for sure if it’s exactly the same, but it looks reminiscent to it, so it works for me. These chalky paints are kind of fun and I want to try painting some candlesticks with it. I really like the matte finish and the pastel colors they come in.

chalk finish recycled bottleThis project is part of the Michael’s Makers Series.


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