gifts for our girls, past and present

November 28, 2014

gifts past and presentgifts past and presentLast year, the two older girls had lockets on their Christmas wish list. I found these two sweet lockets from Jean Jean Vintage, one of my favorite vintage jewelry shops, and they are so teeny tiny, but perfect lockets for little ones. I did some searching for a book to go with it, and found The Magic Locket (no longer in print) and bought it used to accompany their gifts. This was one of their favorite gifts last year that they took good care of and still love this year. Jean Jean Vintage is also a current sponsor and she’s having a 15% sale off all items this weekend, so if you’re eyeing something, right now’s the weekend to scoop it up.

gifts past and presentOur Glow loves softies, so I got her this Misha Doll last year to accompany the Nino Ponte she already had. Glow’s a softie hoarder! You should see her bed, it’s 3/4 filled with softies! Animal ones are her faves, and she calls them all her “babies.”

gifts past and presentLast year, Santa brought this Build Your Own City set to the girls when we were in Texas. As you probably realize from reading this blog, we love making dollhouses, so this colorful slotted style is another fave. It’s easy to put away and store and put together when they want to make a village for their mini My Little Ponies. Usually, most of their toy requests revolve around things for their My Little Ponies.

gifts past and presentThis unicorn set is one of the new gifts for this year. The two youngest are each getting their own set to be a unicorn. I got the unicorn horn from here, and the wings I bought from Fawn Shoppe.

We’re pretty much done with all the gifts we need for the girls. We try to get them a book of sorts (the big girls requested 2015 planners), and maybe two things from their list, plus one big ticket community item from Santa. The two older girls have some handmade gift requests, so I’m going to need to find time to make these things happen. Basically, the things on their list are simple items like coloring and sticker books, craft projects, and handmade gifts (apparently, they think I can make everything), so we might have splurged on their community gifts a bit. They wanted this camper play tent (they saw it in the catalog when it came in the mail), so while I want to try my hand at making one for them, we bought it as backup in case I ran out of time.

One of the not-so-simple-requests True had on her list was “to own Disneyland.” Definitely can’t make that happen, but yeah a camper tent is much more doable. How do you handle Christmas gifts for little ones? I know there’s the wear, read, play route, but my kids aren’t into requesting clothing items just yet, nor do they need anything in particular, so that guideline doesn’t typically work for us.



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  • Amanda says:

    I don’t follow a real guideline either (like the wear, wants, need list). I have three boys (nearly 5, nearly 3, and 11 months). I try to find a few quality toys/books that they will be enjoyed for a long time by all (or at least the older two) and a couple individual items that are similar in coolness level, based on their likes and desires. I don’t worry about being ‘fair’ with cost or value, I just worry about what my boys will enjoy most. No cheap crap that will end up in the trash in a month and no electronics (at least, not for several years. maybe when they’re teens). I like to DIY when I can (sewing, simple wood work like blocks, etc) and I thrift toys when I find nice things in good shape-but only if I’d want to buy it at full price. None of that ‘it’s on sale!’ garbage I regret buying later.
    My boys haven’t begun requesting toys yet (though the oldest will likely begin soon. He’s begin noticing the toy section more in the stores lately). I don’t know how/if my gift giving will change when that happens.

  • katie f says:

    I LOVED the Magic Locket as a girl! I think there are other books in the same vein… silver slippers?? Loved them. Thank you so much for reminding me so that I can share it with my little girl.

  • Danica says:

    I am freaking out right now! The SECOND I saw the cover photo my mind instantly flooded my heart with childhood memories of that locket book. What a blessing that you have that, seriously! I would die to get my hands on that book!

  • Rose says:

    I like giving my kids handmade stuff, but it varies depending on how much time I have / what work I’m doing. So, if not handmade by me, I try and get something handmade by someone else. But we also try and give stuff that they’re interested in too. I don’t like plastic toys, so generally not that sort of thing. My daughter’s birthday is on Dec 27th so it can feel a bit like present overload around then.

  • nikki says:

    those lockets are such a cute idea!

    xx nikki

  • heather says:

    i love your way of doing it. i feel the same way about the want, need, wear, read. it sounds like a good idea though. i like hearing about the way others do gift buying, bc it sort of makes me feel ok about doing simple…you know? like i don’t need anyone else’s permission, but it does make me feel like i’m not a scrooge. 🙂 the tent is so cute! it reminds me of those you can make to put over a card table- maybe two? i’m sure you have your ideas already though! 🙂 hope your month is relatively stress free and full of celebrating mixed with some quiet moments too. 🙂

  • I got that book and locket for christmas one year when i was little. LOVED IT! so many memories. <3

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