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November 26, 2014

homehomehomehomeThings are prepped for our Thanksgiving dinner and all the cooking gets done today. We will have turkey, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, and pecan pie! Tomorrow we visit with family and celebrate the special day, but tonight we will have our own little feast at home. It will be the first time we do our own mini Thanksgiving with just the six of us.

The girls have been working on their thank you cards for friends and family (and other projects they come up with), and it’s been more laid back around here since they don’t have school this week. Today’s agenda will be to get ready for our dinner tonight and I will let the kids take charge of the decorations. I think that will keep them occupied long enough while I’m busy in the kitchen.

If you’re still in need of some recipes for Thanksgiving, I’m going to be doing this turkey (in a crockpot) and this stuffing. I made it for our fall potluck last year, and we all loved it, so it’s on the menu for our feast tonight. Do you have any go-to turkey and stuffing recipes to share? It gives me a year to think about it for next year!


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