January 31, 2015

double rainbowThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We saw the most amazing double rainbow yesterday. It was a wonderful reminder of God and his promises.

Love this t-shirt dress from the Gap. The black one would be cute with these sneakers.

This mini sisal purse is perfect for spring!

Caramel brownie with pretzel crust?! Yes, please!

I want to try and make a healthier version of this scallop recipe.

I share some tips on how to keep indoor plants alive here.

Thankful for being able to spend some time with my friend Abby, and she came and taught me how to make authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice. I’m so excited to try it out!

God’s been teaching me a lot lately, from really talking to God in prayer, spending time meditating on the Word, and releasing my desire to control things. I’m just begging God to really transform my selfish heart.

The girls have been asking me a lot more when their Auntie RJ is coming home. My parents get to go visit her in Romania in a couple weeks (and they’ll stick around to travel Europe for another 3 weeks after), but then after that, she’ll have about 3 months left and then she will be home!!!

I know Valentine’s Day is more commercialized and appreciating our loved ones should happen everyday, but it’s still fun to celebrate it. I’m not sure what to do for Ben yet, but if he asked me for a wish list, it would more than likely be some piece of antique jewelry (maybe this), but a sweet handmade Valentine card would do too. Do you make any special Valentine’s Day requests? I did order more Tegu blocks for the girls as a gift (this and this).

Don’t forget to watch Bella and the Bulldogs on Nickelodeon tonight! Ben’s cousin is one the creators, and we want to tell everyone, so they’ll get picked up for a second season!

We’ll be taking care of house things today, and after church gathering tomorrow, we will be watching Super Bowl. Happy weekending friends!


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  • Frédérique says:

    We also caught some nice rainbows (though not as amazing as this one!) and just overall enjoy the nice colors in the sky these days, beautiful pink and purple shades! I love this GAP dress and can totally justify the purchase now as it can work for pregnancy too, I can’t wait for a sale:) I have a really hard time knowing what I want to eat these days but these scallops may just be it! Loved your post on indoor plants, makes me feel like I can do it too. You are always so awesome at encouraging/ motivating us readers, I am sure you were/are a fantastic teacher! Hope you had a great weekend!

  • nikki says:

    that brownie looks amazing!

    xx nikki

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