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February 5, 2015

lovedaythingsDo you do Valentine presents? Sometimes we do all handmade, and sometimes we get a little something. We don’t give the children chocolate or candy, but there will be handmade cards, and I always bake something for the occasion. Plus, February 14th is my parents’ wedding anniversary, so that day is extra special to us. We did order the girls more of these Tegu blocks. Ben’s sister got them this set for Christmas, but after seeing how much they play and create with it, we thought they would enjoy more pieces. Ben knows he can’t go wrong with jewelry for me, but I did tell him I would really love a handmade card (or another Pablo Neruda poem like last year). And for Ben, I know he would love another fruit tree, or some gardening things. It probably isn’t what most men would ask for, but I think my Ben is a rare species.

For Her (from left to right): gold prism band, path moonstone ring, pearl and sapphire ring.
For the Kids: playon crayons, anime projectormagnetic blocks.
For Him: large pot, hoop watering can, cultivator and trowel set.

And I’ll be hosting a Valentine’s Day giveaway soon from Jean Jean Vintage, so don’t forget to check back in the next couple days.


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  • Karla says:

    I have mini metal mailboxes that I got from the Target dollar section one year (one for each of the kiddos and the hubby). I decorated them with scrapbook paper and other embellishments to personalize them. I try to find things that fit inside – sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not! This year I got some little “cupcake” bath bombs and shower gel on Christmas clearance (they’re not even Christmas-y colors) and some gold nail polish for my oldest daughter. I put together some DIY bracelet/necklace kits for my kids and some of their friends using alphabet beads, heart beads, and some other plastic beads (kind of like this: We don’t usually do sweets, but I wanted to put together *something*, so we did little individual s’mores ingredients – chocolate graham crackers, dark chocolate mini Hershey bar, and a heart-shaped marshmallow. I’m also going to make some headbands with tulle and fabric roses. For my hubby… I don’t know! I usually DIY something for him, too, but we just came off Christmas and I’m not feeling creative! We usually go out to eat and spend money on something we already need for the house (we’re buying a whole bunch of seeds and supplies for our garden, so maybe that will be our “gift.”).

  • Karla says:

    PS another thing I do… the night before Valentine’s Day, I leave a trail of paper hearts (I originally cut them out from scrapbook paper and reuse them every year) from the kiddos’ door to the table. I have a pink tablecloth and set the table for a nice breakfast.

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