star wars at legoland

March 30, 2015

star wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandstar wars at legolandThe girls and I had an adventure a few weeks ago and went to Legoland to check out the unveiling of the Death Star in their Star Wars Miniland. It was a busy week, so I didn’t decide until last minute to go, so I made it a surprise for the girls. They had no clue where we were trekking off to! It was such a lovely day too! There was pretty much no one at the amusement park, we didn’t have to wait in any lines, and it was great to just be out of the house. Our days are full of to-do lists and making sure all their lessons get done, that it was nice to just chill out and have fun.

Up to this point, the girls were only fans of Clone Wars the cartoon, but have never watched Star Wars. Ben and I have tried to coax them to watching it with us, but they said it looks scary, so they always said no. Well, after this little visit, it excited them about Star Wars, and they told us they were ready to finally watch the movies. We started with Episode I last weekend, and finished up Episode II: Attack of the Clones this past weekend. They are so anxious about how it all plays out because they are so baffled at how Anikin becomes Darth Vader. We tell them “Just wait, you’ll see.” The movie also brings about good conversations about what can happen when you just follow your own desires, without disregard to others; it really can lead down a dark path in real life too.

The girls had so much fun at the event. They were excited to make their own starships and see R2-D2 roaming around. Brave was the only one Brave enough to go up to him. Of course, they got a little nervous when Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers came out, but they forgot about them once the Death Star was unveiled. It is an impressive work of Lego art. It spans 8 ft. wide, 13 ft. hight and weighs more than 1900 pounds! We also learned that there are Master Builders that have the job of putting these Lego works of art together. It sounded like a fun job to all of us!
I have a feeling you will start seeing more Star Wars inspired projects in this space. Glow is already requesting to be Yoda for Halloween. She is always giggling anytime we watch his scenes in the movie. It’s so freakin’ cute! Are you or your kids Star Wars geeks? I have fond memories of watching it with my parents when I was little, so it’s special to be able to do that now with my own girls.

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