an indoor hammock

April 2, 2015

hammockinourhomeI love having a hammock inside our home (see the room tour here and it was also featured here). The girls love sitting in the hammock (they all pile in together) to read or watch a movie on their iPad, and sometimes they just get in their to lightly swing. It’s unexpected to have a hammock inside, and people always get surprised by it and are eager to try it out. They always doubt it will hold their weight, but we assure them it’ll be fine. Ben used some sturdy eye bolts and put them into studs in the walls. Technically, he made them strong enough to hold 900 lbs, but I don’t we will ever fill the hammock with that much weight. Originally, the hammock was supposed to go outside, but I’m so glad we put it inside instead.

hammocksOur Nicaraguan hammock (we also have this colorful one) was from a seller on etsy, but he wasn’t reliable when other people ordered from him (total bad news), so obviously, I wouldn’t recommend him any longer. I did find these other options online, and thought they are all just as pretty and would be a great hammock to have indoors (or out!). I’m hoping that one day, we can put a hammock outside too!

1st row: brazilian hammock with fringe,  cape cod style
2nd row: canvas chair hammock, wedding hammock
3rd row: luxury macrame hammock, canyon fringe hammock


2 comments on “an indoor hammock”

  • nikki says:

    it really livens up the space. so fun!!

    xx nikki

  • Frédérique says:

    What a coincidence: we just spent a week in a rental house with a hammock in the living room! It wasn’t as pretty as the one you have but we still loved it and would love to have one in our future home. Also it seemed to have a calming effect on the kids:) Thanks for the great links!

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