April 19, 2015

IKEA tripThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I went to IKEA and came home with other things that weren’t on my list. Oye!

Chocolate and peanut butter cake?! Um… YES!!!

Anyone know the type of plant in this pin (the one with pink flowers)?

How adorable is this shoe for a little girl!

Read this interesting article about how Americans now spend more money eating out than on groceries. We typically spend less than $100 a month dining out (that’s what we set for our monthly family budget), so that’s definitely not us.

Checked out The Secrets of the Notebook from the library and I was so intrigued with this woman’s family history.

NBA playoffs start today for the San Antonio Spurs… oh man, it’s that time of year again! #gospursgo

Thankful to get some rest once this past week from cooking dinner. We went over to my mom and dad’s and they spoiled us with lots of delicious food.

I love my daughters so much. Yes, they drive me nuts, but mostly it’s cause I let my own self-centeredness get in the way of loving and teaching them as I ought. God uses these little four blessings to refine me and remind me that I am a finite creature. They teach me to cling to Christ.


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