May 9, 2015

That hair and diaper booty tho. #latergram #elvis #glowindisguiseThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Still love looking at these Elvis pictures of my girls (and Ben). It puts a smile on my face.

Chocolate waffle ice cream?!! Um… yes!!!

I think I want to make one of these today.

I ordered this is XXL and I’m hoping it fits. I also got Brave the XS because she likes to be twins with me (it’s 30% off right now). LOL

The thrift stores have been so kind lately, and I’ve been finding lots of good things.

This scarab ring from Jean Jean Vintage is so interesting. I also love her new logo!

These striped boots would be cute for gardening! The older three have outgrown theirs, so time to find new garden boots.

Our Tegu blocks are the toys that get played with the most in our house!

Ms. Tips has 20% going on until tomorrow!

Something my heart has been pondering a lot on is that God already accepts me because He accepted Jesus in my place. My disbelief leads me to think I still need to do something, but I don’t, Jesus already did it.

I had a big put my foot in my mouth moment this week. Out of nervousness, I said something that was incorrect, but panicked after I gave that answer. It’s blog business related, but the business part of blogging doesn’t come natural to me. I love all the creative aspects of blogging and having a place to share my heart. I’m thankful for all the opportunities that have come from it, but I’m more creative than business minded, so sometimes my lack of confidence in the business part comes through. Ugh! And emails… oh gosh, I’m always behind! Blogs as a business is still a strange idea to me. I see my space as a place to just share things I love and what’s on my heart, so it’s such a fine line I think, but certain opportunities do come because of it. I didn’t start off blogging thinking this will be my brand and my business, but I feel blessed that certain things fell into my lap. I’m sure it’s weird to see some of your favorite blogs turn into full fledge businesses (and maybe you’re cool with it, maybe you’re not), but I think it’s easy for bloggers (everyone really) to lose perspective sometimes and things have gotten a little muddled I think. Anyway, you guys are a big reason why I get the opportunities I do, and I’m so thankful for that. Well, that little rant wasn’t something I planned. There I go word vomiting again.

I will be heading to North Carolina this week, and will have one free evening in downtown Charlotte to wander around, so if you have any recommendations, do share.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and my only requests were food related… I want to eat egg roll cookies, ube and queso rico (cheese) ice cream, and sushi. I do want to take a trip to the flea market, but that won’t happen until next weekend.

Happy weekend everyone!

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