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June 11, 2015

fruits of singaporefruits of singaporefruits of singaporefruits of singaporeI’m super late in sharing these images taken of some of our favorite fruits in Singapore. That trip jumpstarted something in Ben, it made him obsessed with rare and exotic fruits. His obsession has only gotten worse since he’s part of the California Rare Fruit Grower’s Association, and a viewing of The Fruit Hunters just continued to magnify his craze. Since our visit to Singapore last June, he’s been researching and filling our yard with some of the fruits we first tried in there. We can’t grow all the ones we loved because of our climate (to include a lack of humidity needed for some), but for the ones we can grow, he’s working on it!

Visiting the wet market was probably his favorite thing to do there. When I was teaching workshops, he loved walking around the markets. He would come back with bags full of fruit for us to try. Now that I think about it, when we honeymooned in Fiji, he loved walking around the markets there too!

Top photo (clockwise, from top left): Wax Jambu (we’re growing it!), but not growing the rest (Rambutan, Lychee, and Mangosteen – oh, but how we WISH we could grow Mangosteen!)

Next four photos: (1) Passionfruit (on left – we’re growing it!); Custard Apple (on right); (2 & 3) Dragon Fruit (not growing it, but it’s very drought resistant); (4) clockwise, from top – Passionfruit, Dragon Fruit, and Custard Apple

fruits of singaporefruits of singaporefruits of singaporefruits of singapore

7 comments on “fruit inspiration in singapore”

  • Emma says:

    Woah! I’m in Bangkok right now and just yesterday discovered Wax Jambu (also called Water Rose Apple.) My new absolute favorite! Wish I could grow more tropical fruits at home in Southeastern PA!

  • Katie says:

    my step-mother is Thai and we are lucky enough to have her introduce us to so many unique fruits and veggi

  • Lisa says:

    I lived in Central America for a year and got to enjoy those fruit soooo much! I didn’t get the love for water apple (wax jambu) in Costa Rica, didn’t find it very tasty though..

  • These are so gorgeous! (And I grew up in Singapore and loved eating rambutan!!) 🙂

  • Kai Chan says:

    Passion fruits will grow and grow and grow! Just pick them up from the ground, don’t cut it off. Dragon fruit is amazing when you grow them. I guess it helps having turtles to stop the cactus from branching out too far and Mangosteen is delicious!!

  • christina says:

    I live in Hawaii and we are right in the middle of our lychee season. I grew up eating lychee picked right from the tree, its definitely one of my favorites. Rambutan and dragon fruit also grow really well here.

  • mahi says:

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