one week of summer done

June 19, 2015

homeOur first full week off and we are all loving it! We’ve hung out with friends here and there, but basically there’s just been a lot of playing at home. The girls turn our downstairs upside down, but thankfully, they are pretty good at cleaning up too. It definitely helps that things have a specific place, and they know that if things aren’t back in its place, they get moved on out of here. I’m hardcore about this cleaning up business. I’ve gone through one room this week and got rid of stuff, and I organized my shelf in the garage. I’m slowly working my way through the house to organize and purge. I love purging! It’s such a good feeling.

Anyone else have organizing and purging on their to-do list this summer?


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  • CC says:

    I definitely have purging on my list, mainly just going through all my old clothes and getting rid of what I don’t/should wear any longer. I have a small pile but I know there is more in my closet that can go when I stop deluding myself that I will wear it again. Also I need to reorganize my closet/dresser for summer wear. I haven’t done that yet and all the winter stuff is still out.

  • Karla says:

    I do the same thing. I tend to do it continually, but then there are times when I go on a purging rampage…. then I feel guilty. But I want things to be clean and simple and frustration-free!

  • bekkah says:

    i love purging. totes muh jam.

  • Ashley says:

    One thing I miss about school is the summer breaks! Also, love your “I Love You” banner!

    Have a fun summer!

  • Amy says:

    YES! My favorite way to clean is to throw things away. Marie Kondo calls this ‘discarding’ and further says that every item in your home should bring you joy. Otherwise donate or get rid of it! Sometimes things have already served their purpose in our life and we still hang on to them. Anyway! Have a great summer!!

  • Gabriela says:

    Yeah, I need to organize stuff in my wardrobe. I normally keep in it only what I need for each season, but right now I have mixed items. So I need to start organizing soon. Your post has inspired me to do so…as soon as possible. Thanks!

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