you are our father

June 22, 2015

you are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatheryou are our fatherMy girls are Star Wars obsessed. Ben and I are both fans, but these girls have taken it to the next level. Every time we have family movie night, they request Star Wars; we’ve watched it a lot. Their faves are Episode 3 (they like to see baby Luke and Leia), and Episode 6 (Anakin becomes good again). They are super excited that there will be an Episode 7, 8, and 9 coming out in the near (and distant) future.

So with their love for Star Wars, the girls and I concocted a little Star Wars themed Father’s Day. Last week, I picked up some fabric to make them little Jedi jackets. I wanted to make them robes too, but there just wasn’t time for that. We also got fabric to make Ben a black cape, and I bought this Darth Vader mask. It is child-size, but since I know it’s really the girls who will be playing with it, it was fine.

Sunday morning, when the girls were ready, I told Ben to hop back in bed so we can give him his surprise. I started playing “Darth Vader’s March” on the iPad, and the little Jedi marched into our bedroom with Ben’s breakfast tray (every morning he eats 1 cup of oatmeal, covered in non-fat milk, 23 almonds, 1 banana, and 1 scoop of protein). Soul carried his gift, and on it True wrote, “You are our father.” (He was in the middle of getting ready for church, so that’s why he’s all dressed up in the photos.) All the girls made a whole bunch of other gifts too, so the rest of them carried that in.

Immediately after opening his gift, he put on the cape and mask and then started “fighting” with the girls. They used their markers as light sabers! Then, they got online and started looking up real light sabers to buy. Of course, he did get to eat his breakfast and open all his handmade gifts; we always get a kick out of the things they make. We had our little celebration in the morning, went off to church gathering, stuffed our selves silly with sushi with my family in the afternoon, then came back home for more family time.

I’m so thankful for a husband that leads and loves our family well by relying on Jesus. I see grace and gospel overflowing in his life, and as uncomfortable as he is to be obedient to what God may be calling him to do, I see him responding with faith. I really love that man of mine so much!

you are our father

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  • Linda says:

    The whole Darth Vader theme is too cute. Great photos.

  • Looks like a fabulous Father’s Day! My husband had his first Father’s Day this year while we were on our first overseas mission trip as a family (with our five month old son) to South Africa. Where do you get the almonds that Ben has with his oatmeal and what do you and Ben do with all the gifts and cards that the girls make for you?

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