diy: ribbon wands

July 23, 2015

ribbon wandsRibbon Wands

3/8″ x 12″ dowel
13/16″ screw eye
Thin ribbons (various colors)

ribbon wandsDirections:
Attach the screw-eye to the top of the dowel (it’ll take some muscle, or drill a tiny hole and then attach). Cut your ribbon into your various desired lengths (we used 6 different colors). Insert the ribbons through the screw-eye, until it dangles at a length you like. Take one of the ribbons and tie it tightly around all the other ribbons near the screw, and knot to secure.

ribbon wandsribbon wandsribbon wandsVoila! I handed it to Soul, and immediately, she was running around the house yelling bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! It was a quick project to do for the girls, and they’ve been playing with it a lot since I made it two weeks ago. In fact, Glow takes hers to bed with her, along with 15 million other things she hoards… she’s my hoarder.

For another type of ribbon wand, check out this one we made long ago.

ribbon wandsribbon wandsribbon wandsribbon wandsribbon wandsribbon wandsI love the linen fabric on Soul’s dress and I like the fan pattern on Glow’s. Glow totally has this 60’s vibe with her shift dress and bob. They wore the dresses to the wedding last weekend (with denim jackets on top because it rained), and their friend wore this Old Navy dress. They all got ready together (I was busy out wedding prepping) at our house, and they were all so proud of their wedding attire. It was so cute to see them showing off their dresses and shoes to each other.

on soul: linen-blend dress, c/o old navy. sandals, c/o old navy. felt hair clip, diy here. on glow: shift dress, c/o old navy. woven flats, c/o old navy.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. I’m appreciate the support you give me and the brands I partner with!


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