diy: paper watermelon windsock

August 12, 2015

Paper Watermelon Windsock

Construction paper (red and black)
Green crepe paper streamers
Hole punch
Dowel (optional)

Cut out watermelon seeds from the black construction paper, and glue onto the red construction paper. Glue the short ends of the red construction paper together (creating a cylinder shape with the paper). Cut 5 streamers (about 12″ long each) and glue to the inside bottom of the watermelon cylinder. Punch two holes on opposite ends on the top. Cut out a 8″ strand of string and knot it through each hole on top of the windsock. If you want to add a dowel, cut another 8″ piece of string and attach the windsock to the dowel.  The summer crafting is winding down over here. I have a couple back to school craft projects we plan to work on, and we are all stick working on our tapestry weaving, but I think we are done with summer crafting. Let’s be honest though, even when school starts we will still be doing plenty of crafting and art projects. Oh the joys of homeschooling… it leaves plenty of room for art!

Our church family is hosting a community picnic this Saturday (you’re invited, so see info here), and we will be making these watermelon windsocks with the children who show up. It’s a picnic and I think no summer picnic is complete without some watermelon.


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