August 1, 2015

Kids live here. #wegetmessytoo #thenimakethemcleanitup #cakieshome #lifeThis week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’m looking for a small chandelier like this.

I made these lobster tacos with green onion cilantro sauce and it was delicious. I’ll probably make this sauce again when I make fish tacos.

We could easily make this since we have lots of mint growing in our garden.

We have some bed frames we are considering… a couple from west elm (this and this), and this one from Design Within Reach. We are still far from choosing a natural mattress though, but we do know we want a king size bed this time around. That’s progress considering we started bed shopping about two year ago. HA!

It’s been wonderful to see our whole gang back together, all the crazy messes and yelling is back, but we will gladly take it.

Thankful to hear about all the wonderful memories the older girls shared with their grandma. They cried for an hour at the airport on our way home.

I have completed my second weaving and I think I am addicted.

I needed to read “No Grace for Your Imagination.”

Enjoy your weekend friends!

3 comments on “huzzah!”

  • sam (mummysam) says:

    we have the mid-century west elm frame 🙂 Love it…except didn’t realize when bought it that it only fits the top mattress. The support slats are very close to the top of the frame, that if you put a box spring underneath your mattress, you wouldn’t see any of the backboard. We love it though!

  • Eve says:

    Hi, I let you a message on instagram
    I leave not so far from La Ferté Macé, it’s amazing !! Where did you find this panel ?


    • Rubyellen says:

      I found it at a local flea market. It was bought from a vendor who brings things here from France.

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