they play, while the other school

November 20, 2015

Once Soul and Glow are done with their schooling for the day, they get to play while I work with the older two. Yesterday, I came down to check on them to see this wild set up. I just watched them play a bit and they are so funny (and creative). ┬áMy favorite parts were seeing Soul use her Tegu blocks like a microphone (btw, these are by far their favorite toys and they are requesting more pieces for Christmas), and then Glow trying to go inside the basket (so hilarious!). I think they were playing some game show of sorts, so Glow was trying to do a “challenge.” While the mess was everywhere, I love seeing them exercising their imagination and had to bust out my camera to snap a few shots.

Then there’s Brave and True, staying on task with their school work. Next week though, we all get the week off, and we are so excited to work on fun art projects and do lots of baking … hip hip, hooray!!!

4 comments on “they play, while the other school”

  • Charissa says:

    Omg, the microphone / planet headpiece combo is hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  • Annelies says:

    loving it!!! Quick question: you take so many pictures of your girls and all the amazing things you do… Other than using them on the blog, do you print them out and create photo albums or display them in any other way? I have 3 kids myself, take lots of pictures but somehow cannot stay on top of getting them organised into digitally printed photo albums. I’d be keen to know if you have some ideas? Thanks! x

    • Rubyellen says:

      Not organized with photos at all! I rarely print it out and all just stored on my hard drive. I do print some to put in frames (and want to get better at that!), but I think that’s why I treasure our photo booth and polaroid pictures so much… actual photos!

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