espadrilles in the winter

January 27, 2016

Espadrilles in the winter is totally doable here. In fact, you go to the grocery store and many people are still wearing their flip flops or sandals! At the same time, people are wearing puffy jackets to go grocery shopping too.

My favorite part of an outfit are always the shoes, but my daily outfits don’t revolve around which shoe I want to wear. I wear what I feel like, and then pick a shoe that goes with that. Lately, it’s been a whole lot of jeans wearing (this specifically), but dresses have been back in the rotation since we’ve had a few warmer days. What’s your favorite part of an outfit?

on me: top, madewell (similar here). dress, thrifted (vintage here, new there). bag, vintage (vintage here, new there). espadrilles, castaner (another similar one here).

4 comments on “espadrilles in the winter”

  • Laia says:

    Did you know that Espadrilles are called Alpargatas in Spanish? Although the original name is “Espardenyes” in Catalan language (Official language in Barcelona, Spain). Just wanted to inform you, as I’m from Barcelona and seeing those espadrilles around the world is just…weird 🙂 That’s something so typical from my region! xxx

    • Rubyellen says:

      So interesting! They are so comfortable! I’d love to learn more about things that are special to Spain. Any special types of baskets used there?

      • Ashla says:

        I don’t know in Spain, but in Quebec/French Canada, we use the word espadrilles for running/sports shoes. Right now, though, we’re wearing winter boots anyway!

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