sisters that play together, stay together

February 16, 2016

The two older girls have been down with something, so yesterday they spent all day in bed. Soul was crying because she didn’t like to see her sisters sick and she missed playing with them. These four function as a unit, and as much as they fight, they really can’t be without each other either. It’s the sweetest thing to see their interactions.

The house has stayed a little bit tidier in recent days because there hasn’t been much playing going on, but I want my girls to get better soon so all the happy chaos and merry making can continue. I love seeing them act out stories together, play “homeschool” or Star Wars, build Ponyville, and make their own version of Cutthroat Kitchen (it’s one of their favorite shows).

Dear this season’s cold,
Please move along and do not stay any longer. It would very much be appreciated!
Sincerely, the Bratcher girls

food toys from here. forever dresses c/o hanna anderson. 

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