yellow, fringe, rope basket

February 4, 2016

This is one of the results of another rope project I’ve been working on. I dyed the cotton rope this wonderful golden color with turmeric. I never imagine it would be such a bold color; I thought it was going to be a faint yellow. The longer you leave it soaking, the deeper the yellow. I used a little bit less than a 100 feet of cotton rope for this basket. For the fringe, I used some dyed rope and cotton yarn, and weaved them in between the rope.

These baskets can be used to hold little knick knacks, but I love using them as a plant basket (just be sure to get a plastic liner to put the plant in). I have other rope projects to share with you soon. I’m addicted to sewing with them!

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  • Amanda says:

    I used turmeric to dye some homemade wooden blocks for my baby. It worked beautifully. I also tried some other natural things to dye some of the blocks other colors (i think I tried raspberries and spinach). They didn’t do much, unfortunately. It was one of the few times Pinterest has failed me. 🙁 If you know of other great natural dyes, please share!

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