March 26, 2016

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I want to sew a denim version of this dress, but with the more structure like this one.

One of my fave shops, Ms. Tips, is having a 40% sale through Monday. Pair this pretty rose skirt with a striped cropped top, also love these vintage overalls.

I like this simple weaving.

These vintage espadrilles are only $12! This pair is a little more expensive, but so cool.

Love this gorgeous Moroccan wedding blanket.

I finally got my portfolio website up for the craft styling I have done. There are still things I need to add, but it’s a start.

Thankful for a little bit of a breather now that some of my big projects are done. I thankful for times of busyness, but always when things are more quiet too.

Kinda weird looking sandals online, but cute in person.

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of family time and Easter egg hunts. I’m egg-cited to give the girls their Easter baskets!

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