our resurrection sunday

March 31, 2016

In the morning, we gave the girls their Easter baskets before we left for church gathering. They were giddy with excitement at their basketful of treats. Each gal got her own Clonette doll (I have one too), Dress Your Bunny doodle book, tattoos, washi tape, some card games, and a carrot surprise filled with goodies.  It was a pretty quick morning at home because we had to head out for church gathering. Ben was sick, so the girls and I went to and fro from church family, to his family, to my family, without him.

The day prior, Ben and I were fighting, rather I was fighting him (not so much him fighting with me). I remember while I was holding on to my mad and stubborn heart, I kept thinking, “Jesus died for exactly this and I don’t need to hold onto it anymore.” I eventually apologized to him later than evening, but man, I was so mean throughout the day. I was so nasty towards him and that’s exactly why I need Jesus. My good will never be good enough. My heart is filled with all kinds of nasty, and it’s precisely why I believe in the cross. It’s not because I think I’m good and want to get better, rather I know I’m not, and trust that the only good I can claim is from Jesus covering me with His righteousness. So as I drove to church gathering, my heart was rejoicing that God didn’t harden my heart, and that He continuously leads me to repentance.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. My girls had a glorious day hunting for eggs (3 egg hunts!), stuffing their bellies with sweet treats, and being lavished with lots of love from both sides of the family. Our Easter weekend was full of bunnies and egg hunts, but also plenty of heart lessons that pointed us, especially me, to the cross.

3 comments on “our resurrection sunday”

  • christina says:

    “and trust that the only good I can claim is from Jesus covering me with His righteousness”….my favorite part and so true
    ps. where are the girls sandles from? thanks girl

  • christina says:

    or better yet when the girls out grow them, maybe i can buy them? im a thrifter, lol

    • Rubyellen says:

      They are from Hanna Andersson. It’ll be awhile until they outgrow them because everything gets passed down. 😉

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