diy indigo kimono jacket

April 4, 2016

Indigo Kimono Jacket

Directions: Fold the fabric in half width-wise, cut out sides in a L-shape to create the sleeve. With the right sides together, sew the L-shape sides. Cut down the middle of one side of the kimono to where the neck would go. Fold that entire length in about 1/4″-1/2″, pin in place and sew.

It went from a shawl/scarf to a kimono-jacket. I know it’s not an exact kimono, but it’s not exactly a jacket, so I say it’s a kimono-jacket. This would make a perfect bathing suit cover up too. I can’t wait to pick up more fabrics like this at the next flea market!

If you can sew a straight line, I think you can sew anything. If you need a little help, my book, Let’s Sew Together, can definitely do the job! Don’t be afraid to give sewing a try.

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